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  • Organ Symphony No. 1, E-flat major, A Carillon Symphony (1971–1972) Dedicated to Ralph Davier, Op. 19

  • Organ Symphony No. 2, D-minor, Sinfonia breve (1973–1975) Dedicated to Ralph Gustafsson, Op. 26

  • Organ Symphony No. 3, E-minor, Symphonie Élégiaque (1973–1990) Op. 35

  • Organ Symphony No. 4, A-major, A Festival Symphony, composed to the inauguration of the renovated organ in St. Matthew's church, Norrköping 1992 (1990–1992) Dedicated to Kenneth James in memoriam, Op. 38

  • Organ Symphony No. 5, G-minor, Retrospection (1977–2002) Op. 40

  • Organ Symphony No. 6, C-major, Enigma (1995–2001) Dedicated to  Märtha Hellsing–Olsson, Op. 41

  • Organ Symphony No. 7, in B-minor, (unfinished) with one complete movement: a quadruple fugue, intended as the Final

The drawing is a self-portrait of the composer. Notice especially the angel cats and the whiskers, even on the organist. Here you find free  sheet music to Fugue in D on a theme by Rossini, the Cat's Fugue. Listen to it here  played by Henric de Koster.

Organ Symphonies: Om mitt arbete
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